Services of imedia

Advertising services

Provides a large user base for any mobile application or game.

Provides optimum marketing solutions.

Publish application

Releases apps and games that match market trends


Provides the CPI quality of the Mobifone network for the age, feature, area and options.

Application development

Develops applications and games to meet market demand

Other Services

Monetization application

Mobicaz - Offers bonuses to users and offers CPI Incentive for any other application.


Provides system for linking users, developers, publishers, .... Optimize cross-promotion system, optimize revenue sharing for customers.

Distribute the application

Collaborates on the online gaming business, driving revenue for apps and games that are currently available on the Store.

Survey service

Provides survey services throughout Mobifone's user system to meet market research needs.

Net affiliate

Provides marketing solutions that provide real users for applications / games that are currently on the market.


Optimizes the display content of any Store app to increase its rank and value for Store apps.

About Us

For shareholders

IMEDIA is a trustworthy, sustainable investment and help optimizing shareholders' benefits.

For partners

IMEDIA values the spirit of co-development on the basis of building a relationship of equality, respect, openness and trust.

To society

IMEDIA provides high quality services on high technological foundation, bringing benefits to the public and partly promoting growth of society.

For customers

IMEDIA provides useful, creative and friendly services, satifies the demand of customer in modern life.